Residents enjoying getting their nails manicured!

Garden and Outside music

Residents enjoy sitting out in the Garden. While out there they listened to music, danced, and watered the plants.

18 Wheeler

One of our residents design and built this 18 wheeler truck for our virtual road trip.

He used boxes, glue, lids to old jars, and pictures from old calendars!

Acadia National Park Postcards

This week during our virtual travels to Acadia National Park, our residents created postcards about their trip!

Pack Your Bags… We’re going on a Road Trip!

Our residents are participating in a 2-month virtual road trip. This week we started our series with packing our bags, and discussing things we would take on a trip. They also created their own license plates. There is more to come. Follow our adventure weekly.

Thank you Kempsville Christian Church!

We would like to thank the Knitters & Crocheters group from Kempsville Christian Church for donating blankets to our residents.

We are truly appreciative, and our residents loved them!

Hoop Fun!

Residents compete in basketball to see who can make the most shots!