SHC of Harbour Pointe celebrates National Nursing Home Week

Signature HealthCARE of Harbour Pointe’s residents and staff had a week of fun fiesta activities for National Nursing Home Week.

We started off the week with some tasty quesadillas and strawberry daiquiris. We had a scavenger hunt that allowed staff and residents to work together to find all the items on their list. On Thursday, we had a great pin ceremony and taco bar.

Staff was challenged throughout the week to decorate their offices and areas in the fiesta theme, which had to include five items of everyday use. Dietary staff made a dress out of trash bags and a guitar piñata, and they decorated the food carts with lights, delivering each one dressed in costume. The second floor had ‘The Three Amigos’ and a giant guitar!

We had flower-filled basins, napkin flowers and many more creative items. On Friday, we had a grand fiesta. Staff and residents dressed in costume to celebrate.

It was a week to remember!

– Jennifer A. Kintyhtt, Quality of Life Director